Carol Welsman


As the sun sets on Rio De Janeiro, painting the sky with a crimson glow, the air is warm and sweet and in the distance, you can hear the tantalizing latin melodies and rhythms. You will soon be swept away as Carol captivates you with the romantic sounds of Samba and Bossa Nova in Brazilian Nights.

From this Moment On the tropical temperature is at a fever pitch as Carol opens with her sizzling Samba interpretations of some popular song classics like Come Fly with Me and Night & Day. From hereon in there will be No More Blues (Chega de Saudade) as Carol pays tribute to the many beautiful songs of Antonio Carlos Jobim. You can ride on the Samba de Aviao (Jet Song) looking over the spectacular Corcovado mountain in the land of Quiet Nights & Quiet Stars, be mesmerized by the Wave(s)and gently fall into a Brazilian fantasy with the sultry version of Garota De Ipanema (Girl from Ipanema) which is sure to set the evening mood.

As the night unfolds and the sky fills with So Many Stars, your spirits will crave the sounds of Brazil and perhaps even a little Summer Samba. You'll hear songs like Flor de Lis by Djavan, a tantalizing ballad Island by Ivan Lins, and and an international sound of Brasasia. Carol will sing to you throughout the evening in English, Portuguese, and even a dash of Spanish in her Brazilian take on La Bamba!

As the evening draws to a close, there will be no sadness with Tristeza and the sweet Samba de uma Nota So. You are certain to enjoy this fabulous musical adventure and feel a part of the refreshingly energetic and relaxing romantic music of Brazilian Nights.


Carol performs as a five or six piece band including bass, guitar, drums and percussion, and Carol on piano/vocals in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The show is 45-60 minutes in length.